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Service Desk

3D-ICT Service Desk

All 3D-ICT Service Desk engineers are intense reviewed and selected. Our 3D-ICT Service Desk employees understand their roles perfectly and they are motivated to go that extra mile for our customers!

A support desk of 3D means maximum satisfaction of the users and maximum stability!

3D-ICT support desk covers the following areas:

  • Application support for internal application (tailor made, ERP)
  • Applications for our customers clients (eg. Homebanking application)
  • Microsoft office support (word, excel, outlook, PowerPoint, …)
  • Windows/MacOS support
  • Hardware support
  • Internet support
  • Printer support
  • Support for mobile devices

The 3D-support desk model results in more motivated engineers, happy users and an important cost saving!

Benefits of the 3D-support desk model:

  • The right engineer on the right place has a higher motivation
  • Cost saving on engineers in application support, 1st line support and IMAC because less need of an ICT degree
  • More focus on customer satisfaction because of the language skills and soft skills in application support, 1st line support and IMAC
  • Engineers in 2nd and 3rd line support can focus more on complex problems without being disturbed, fasters solutions for complex problems
  • 3D-ICT is one of the few exceptions in PC 218 that has an official permission to have employees working in night and weekend shifts