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Consulting / Contracting

Consultancy is one of our core activities.

Our consultants help companies with the development of their unique and company own ICT projects.

Their expertise guarantees the success of often complex tailor made projects.

Our team members are acquainted with specific challenges of as well short term as long term projects.

You can call on their expertise within the following domains:

Network management

Installation and configuration of network infrastructure, network maintenance, user support, network security and migrations between different networks.

Software development

Web technology, system development, client server development and the development of embedded software.

ICT management                                              

And support with process management, change management, configuration management, information management and security management.

Why choose for IT Consultancy by 3D-ICT?

  • You want to hire a specific skill for a certain period of time
  • You want to avoid very expensive search & selection costs for profiles your HR department is not specialized in
  • 3D-ICT has one of the largest CV-databases in Belgium and an automated search & selection process, specifically focused on ICT profiles
  • Different contract forms => 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, …
  • No socially passive attitude
  • You do not need to invest in skills that are temporarily needed
  • Fast hiring track (3D-ICT provides CV’s in 24 hours)
  • Because of the lean and mean business model of 3D-ICT you have the best price in the market
  • Permanent quality control by follow up of the consultants
  • We cover ALL ICT Domains!