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Managed Staffing / Managed Services

Managed Staffing / Managed Services

Through managed staffing or managed services you can focus on your core business. Often in a company ICT is a supporting activity. Continuous investments in this area don’t give you the profit you can gain by outsourcing these activities.

3D-ICT makes sure you can focus on your core business. You trust us with the daily management of your ICT support.

We make the efforts and you just have to enjoy our efficient ICT support.

Today support in big companies has grown into a very strategic division. The definition of support has evolved into different roles. In the eighties and nineties support was limited to the terminals of the mainframes, the printers and the tailor made applications. Today support is a very diverse activity going from computers to mobile devices.

3D-ICT service desk understands this business and invests a lot in becoming number one in this business. Becoming an engineer in the support division of 3D-ICT means that you have passed a very precise and intense selection procedure. 3D-support engineers understand their role and they are born to go the extra mile for our customers.

A support desk of 3D means maximum satisfaction of the users and maximum stability!