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Consulting / Contracting

A consultant can be hired for a defined period of time. (min. 3 months)

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Managed staffing / Managed Services

You can insource partially or completely a number of service desk engineers (FTE’s) from 3D-ICT. 3D-ICT takes care of the staffing/follow-up/replacement in case of holiday/sickness.

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Get in the Cloud

3D-ICT strongly believes in this innovation. All our employees use Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive.

It is obvious that we use this expertise to fully serve our customers. 3D-ICT provides the full range of analysis (as-is and to-be), implementation, training and support.

3D-ICT Service Desk

3D-ICT can support your entire service desk. IMAC 5 (Install Move Add Change), 1st line, 2nd line and 3rd line. We manage your service desk.

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