The area of expertise is Risk Management and Reporting
We expect the following activities:
Getting to know by the existing systems and applications;
Executing the functional analysis which describes the specifications and the needs of the users;

Executing unit tests ;
Swiftly bring solutions to detected anomalies;
Support the users where needed;
Ensure maintenance and sharing knowledge with other colleagues; Ensure respect of planning and budget ;
Report to Project Leader Business and IT and Team Manager

Projects on which you will work

Our team wishes to enforce with an Application Developer the team responsible for the development of the IT projects related to the application of Financial or Risk Regulatory.


• Assure implementation on projects of the Investment Framework

• Elaboration and execution of technical unit tests.

• Provide constructive collaboration with all scrum teammembers

• Support and execution of bug fixing to deliver a highly qualitatif product

• Assure high stability of the Production environment.