KdG TI 50 Year

50 years of Applied Informatics

The Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science is blowing out 50 candles.

Wednesday 22 May is the day: the Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science will blow out 50 candles. From cardboard punch cards to artificial intelligence.

3D-ICT has chosen to sponsor this event because we strongly believe in our current and future IT Professionals, and want to motivate them and invest in them in this way. Our CEO, David van Waesberghe, also followed the Bachelor’s degree in Applied Informatics as a student at KDG and has since also enjoyed teaching in this field as a lecturer.

Guest speakers

Guest speaker 1 – Steven Latré

Deep Learning: From Hype to Reality

Artificial intelligence and, more specifically, deep learning, has in recent years led to enormous successes in the field of computer vision, interpretation of text and solving complex tasks (eg in video games). In this lecture we provide an overview of what deep learning can do and what the most recent major breakthroughs are. We also go one level deeper and explain how deep learning works under the hood. Finally, we will consider the main challenges that still lie ahead.


Steven Latré is a professor at the University of Antwerp and director of the imec research center. He heads the Antwerp research group IDLab (85+ members), which conducts applied and fundamental research on communication networks and distributed intelligence. His personal research interests lie in the field of machine learning in combination with wireless network optimization.

Guest speaker 2 – Inti De Ceukelaire

Creative Hacking

You don’t have to be a genius to get paid for finding security bugs. During this short introduction to bug bounties, I will showcase a couple of fun or creative bugs I’ve found during my career as a competitive ethical hacker.


Inti De Ceukelaire is a Belgian ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter. He has made national headlines numerous times with his security awareness stunts, reaching from manipulating the twitter account of US President Donald Trump to publishing fake news on the Vactican’s website. Inti hunts down security vulnerabilities in companies like Facebook, Google, Dropbox and the US Department of Defense. This summer, Inti was awarded the “Most Valuable Hacker” award.

Guest speaker 3 – Pedro De Bruyckere

Education and technology: back to the future (and back again)

Under the motto of Kranzberg’s first law – technology is neither good nor bad, but also neutral – Pedro De Bruyckere goes back a little bit in time to see which predictions about technology, learning and (higher) education came true and which not. And more importantly: what does this history teach us about the possibilities of technology for learning and (higher) education for the coming years?


Pedro De Bruyckere is an inspiring speaker who, with his enthusiasm and humor, always provides his audience, be it computer scientists, teachers or students, with a particularly educational evening. He subjects ancient myths to an investigation into their truthfulness, provides an explanation of the most important trends and offers concrete tips for everyone involved with ICT and education.

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