What are we looking for?

Our client is looking for a Functional Analyst for working in its Customer Communication (Document Management) domain:
The candidate has to be comfortable to work not only in Java environments but also in dedicated environments.

This domain is responsible for

  • Document Generation: usage of tool Scriptura
  • Document Storage: usage of tools SONORA, PDF cache
  • Orchestration: usage of tools Docrouter, Recognition….
  • Document Scanning: usage of Kofax, Easyform, Recomatics
  • Messaging: What communication is sent to which clients via which channels, alerting to clients, make communication visible in the client’s archive, campaign, bank mail management….

    Different applications on different platforms are concerned: mainframe with all messaging applications and open system with document management applications (Scriptura, Sonora, Doc Router, ….)
    There is a multitude of innovative projects for the Bank, and therefore there is almost always a (significant) impact in Customer Communication Management

    There are some pending activities that will give you the opportunity to use all your abilities. You will specifically work on the document generation part (Scriptura tool by Inventive Designer) on open system (Unix, Linux, Windows)

    Are you highly interested in this domain banking evolution and are you ready for a professional challenge?
    The functional analyst is a professional who respects and implements the definition of the functional architecture of IT systems, who is directly supporting the operational strategy of the organization and even throughout the entire organization. The Functional Analyst must fully understand the activities of the functional (sub)domain(s) and, at the same time, must be able to understand the technological problems.


  • You can negotiate and you are assertive
  • You are critical on users’ needs and you can effectively convert business requirements into high-performance solutions, according to IT standards and architecture requirements.
  • You take care on the respect of the budget, the calendar, the scope and the quality
  • You are analytical, creative and accurate
  • You communicate easily (written and oral) and you like to work with experienced and qualified IT and business colleagues.
  • You are able to work with “Agile” methods

    You have:

  • A solid ICT experience in applications with multi-channels architecture
  • A technical background & knowledge of open system architecture components: Java, Spring, JavaScript, Oracle, PL/SQL, GIT, Maven, Junit , IBM Websphere, Eclipse, Dimensions, Mockito.
  • A knowledge of Scriptura tool (by Inventive Designer) as manager
  • The ability to assimilate rather quickly existing JVM environment and internally developed frameworks.