Scrum Master

We are using Hybrid Agile as methodology (Agile + Prince 2 based). In our Hybrid Agile context: the Development is done iterative in sprints, all other phases are according the waterfall approach.

The Scrum/PM profile will focus on delivery, achieving the result with the team. Within this profile the application of scrum is important but taking on PM related coordination/follow-up activities are also necessary. For both, having a hands-on and pragmatic approach is crucial.

Both a functional and technical (design/development/testing) background can help to better understand the context of the projects and the expected delivery.

Key responsibilities
1. Coordination
– Lead and coordinate the daily activities of the team
– Organize and conduct team meetings e.g. sprint planning
– Regular contact with the Product Owners (PO’s) & Project Managers (PM’s) to identify the correct priorities- Help the PM’s to describe work packages and identify the teams needed to deliver it
– Regular contact with his/her IT Delivery Master regarding team capacity management and needs
– Regular contact with his/her IT Delivery Master regarding any escalation he/she would deem as necessary e.g. resource behaviour, resource capacity shortcomings, …
– Coordinate with other Scrum Masters to synchronise the in-time delivery for activities related to transversal programs
– Plan & monitor activities within team
– Create dashboards or other follow-up tools to provide transparency & follow up
– Help the team to become more effective, efficient and productive
– Act as a facilitator to increase collaboration – break down silos
– Reporting information on a regular basis e.g. velocity calculation, reporting of the operational costs (man-days) & PM reporting

2. SPOC and communication
– Act as a sounding board when questions or problems arise around analysis, development, testing, releases, resource capacity and resource availability
– Representation of the team towards Management & Business (e.g. Sprint reviews)
– Answer questions; solve impediments, building bridges between the different stakeholders within IT & Business
– Act as a SPOC for important program alignment meetings such as the “Scrum of scrums”
– Discuss if things are crucial to get to a result

3. Continuous Improvement
– Continuously improve the way of working of the teams by using the input of the grooming’s, planning’s & retro’s on a regular basis
– Align well with other scrum masters on the way of working and come with new ideas to work together
– Attend the brown bag sessions & scrum meetings with scrum master colleagues regularly


Must have
• Language: 3-lingual NL – FR – EN:
Good communication skills in Dutch AND French, with excellent verbal and written communication in English!
• Certified Scrum Master and proven experience as Scrum Master (at least 3 years’ experience as Scrum Master)
• Knowledge of Prince 2 principles to understand our Hybrid Agile methodology (Prince 2 + Agile) and proven experience as PM (at least 5 years’ experience as Project Manager)
• Can work in a flexible way, with different methodologies, various nationalities, partners, …
• Able to make the link where necessary between team actors such as developers, testers, analysts
• Solution minded
• Committed
• Able to get to know the organization and the culture rapidly
• Proactive personality
• Open mindset and being able to work with different personalities
• Strong communication skills
• Strong reporting skills
• A functional and technical background (design/development/testing) can help to better understand the context
• A supportive servant leader: strong in people management, being a part of the team while strengthening the team
• Support on setting priorities for the team, ability to challenge the work priorities, discuss delivery and proposed deadlines when needed, assertive yet diplomatic approach

Nice to have
• Experience with Jira
• Experience with EA

• Min. 9 months, with opportunity for extension and space to evolve in the function